wool, cotton, clay

So much work is going on around here. I've had more projects on my mind and at my fingertips that I can keep up with, and I love it. There is sewing and quilting and knitting scattered all over the house and though I'm sure my husband isn't thrilled about it, I sure am. Things have obviously been quiet here on the blog, but I have some big, big goals for my little one-woman shop HEM this spring, I am chugging along trying to make them a reality. I'll be sending out the announcements through the HEM newsletter, so if you're not included there and you'd like to be, be sure to sign up. (The newsletter only goes out a few times a year, so you won't be inundated, I promise.)

And now, on to some snippets of the latest:

1.) The Queen is Dead, Long Live the Queen.

I completely unraveled my Aureus in one fell swoop, sitting on the floor one weekend morning in early February. It took quite a lot longer than I thought it would - I hadn't really planned on doing that this particular morning, when I found myself sitting there, cup of tea steaming, my new ball winder turning - but it felt really good. For the next few weeks I mostly worked feverishly on re-knitting that yarn into a Uniform cardigan, which is now an actual sweater that I have worn twice already. I still hate the color, but I'm happy with both the fit and my modifications; and it's made me extremely excited about my next Uniform, already underway in a neutral alpaca/wool yarn.

2.) New quilts are happening!

After a long, long long too long hiatus, I finally got back to some quality hand quilting time. Friends of ours just had their first baby and I took the opportunity to create something that had been floating around in my head for quite some time. I'm absolutely in love with the finished product and I am so, so excited to show it to you. This design will be up in the shop later this spring, along with two other quilts currently in production, and I'm happy to say that the reason you're seeing me less around here because I'm doing more of that. It's been too long, and it's good to be back.

3.) Local shopping goodness.

That lovely skein in the last photo is a ball of Columbia by our local Oregon Imperial Yarns. As I've mentioned before, my goal for this year is to use more local, sustainable fibers, and Imperial Ranch certainly fits the bill. I'm so excited about this yarn. It's woolen-spun, a soft pearly grey and it is giving me joy just by sitting there waiting for me to swatch with it. I'm planning to redeem myself on Michele Wang's patterns and knit myself a lovely Stonecutter for next winter with this. Since leaving California for Oregon we occasionally experience actual cold and it's high time for some refined replacements for my ragged sweatshirt.


I am HONORED to be a part of a month of giving on the blog of my beautiful friend, Vibeke, at abutterflyinmyhair. In honor of her 40th birthday, this lovely woman is sharing a month of talented women makers and I am deeply touched to be a part of it. I'll be giving away the handthrown stoneware mug in the above photos. To enter, visit Vibeke's blog tomorrow, March 15th, and leave a comment on the post - but be sure to visit all month long, both for a chance to win some incredible treasures and to get introduced to some incredibly talented creative people. Vibeke's blog has been one of my favorite for years; she is a thoughtful, generous, appreciative, joyful soul and her blog showcases and supports artists and makers from around the world. I'm thrilled to be a part of the giveaway and to publicly wish the happiest of birthdays to my dear, wonderful friend.


  1. you are creating such beautiful things
    eye candy
    and things to be enjoyed by hands and holding wonderful things to drink
    all beauty.
    I am having a give away on my blog if you are interested in a chance.

  2. what a true artist you are!!!

  3. so nice to read more about you
    here and over at vibeke's!!!!
    i love earless cups like you
    and although i really like the one of the giveaway
    i am still in love with the 'milk' ones.....
    will they ever be for sale again??

  4. Lovely!! Is your knitwork on ravelry?