finally, a knitting win

At last my Textured Shawl (which was once a Camelia Shawl) is blocked and off the needles. I basically haven't taken it off my neck since; I'm so happy with it. The yarn is deliciously soft and warm, and I was able to make it big enough that it feels luxurious wrapped around my neck, but not big enough to be in the way.

There are more details on my Ravelry page if you want the specs, but I basically increased the number of repeats for both stockinette stitch and the textured stitch and did two bands of each instead of three. I wanted wider bands of textured stitch, and I wanted a less striped look. It's the first time I "named" a project on Ravelry, and I called it Portland's Grey Skies. From the photos I'm sure you can see why.

If I knit this again - and I hope to - I would increase the width of the textured bands even more. I would love to have another version of this in an even heavier, more rustic yarn, something like Karen Templer's version, which I adore. It seems like a good opportunity to try out Imperial Yarn's Columbia, which I've been interested in using. Imperial Yarn is a family run, USA wool producer right here in Oregon. It's my goal moving forward to be more mindful of where my fiber comes from, so I'm better educated about what the process is like for the animal, the people, and the environment involved in producing it. It's not necessarily an easy goal, but I think it's a exciting one.

So there you have it. Just a short six months from starting and finishing both a cardigan and shawl, and then frogging them both, I finally have one finished object I love. Let's hope this trend continues - I'm over the knit it and hate it phase. Onward and upward!