tidying up

We have been laid low, friends. We went jetsetting off to CA for birthday parties and a wedding, just a week and a half after our ten day holiday travel extravaganza, which was just a few weeks after our extended Thanksgiving road trip, which was shortly after we moved – you get the picture. It has been a hectic few months. I don’t know whether all that moving about finally caught up with us, or it’s just that time of year, or both, but Kai and I have both been absolutely wiped out by the flu. I considered sleeping on the bathroom floor. Kai had to be a groomsman over the weekend, all handsome in his new suit without me there to see him, and swaying with fever the entire time. We filled our share of trashcans both private and public with bodily fluids. It really wasn’t pretty.

So instead of blogging about my newly minted sweater and Kai’s newly made shirt, or making anything at all other than noodle soup, I’ve been alternating sleeping on the couch and struggling to catch up at work. Besides being pretty miserable in general, I was unhappy because I had been on such a roll with projects and was really excited about keeping the momentum going. At some point on Monday night I decided I had to do something to soothe myself.

So I organized things. Quietly, slowly, with my knees tucked up under my chin, I organized my entire button jar. Then I balled four skeins of my lovely Owl yarn by hand.* These are things that I would normally feel slightly irritated about (all that time when I could be knitting or sewing, etc.) but this time it felt really nice. It felt a step closer to making, it felt preemptive of making, helpful for making, and it felt do-able. And all those things felt really good when I was feeling really bad.

*Originally at the end of this post there was a plea for feedback on ball winders. Then today, ball winder and swift literally showed up on my doorstep via post. From who? I still haven't figured out. Whoever you are, THANK YOU, it was perfect bright spot at the end of a nasty week. Thank you.


  1. I can relate to you. Sometimes we are just too tired that no matter how hard we try to push ourselve to work, we just can't bring ourselves to do it. It is completely fine. Don't go too hard on yourself and take some rest.

  2. Hope you are fine now and had a good weekend. your blogs are so cute. i keep reading them. you are so good at tidying up. i want to learn some skills from you.