right foot, wrong foot

I still haven't finished that goddamn second sock.

I've been drooling over everyone's end-of-year, this-is-what-I-made-in-2014 posts trying not to be jealous. I didn't do very much making this year, in retrospect, but that makes a lot of sense given what all we did do in 2014. We planned and saved for the big move, we traveled for a cumulative total of something like 6 weeks, I trained for 5-ish months in preparation for the marathon, and we lived out of a suitcase for 12 weeks... the list goes on. A whole lot of projects got started last year, but almost none of them made it to completion.

That's okay. Rather than bemoan this lack of making, I'm ready to celebrate how positively fruitful this year is going to be. With so many projects already well underway, our house finally settled in, a new work space set up, and much more free time to use it, this year is going to be highly productive in the making department. I can feel it.

In fact, before the end of the first week of 2015 I'd already completed two new wardrobe pieces. I finally finished my Aureus cardigan, and then spent a solid four straight days delicately walking through the steps of the Negroni men's shirt pattern by Colette. Two pieces of clothing completed and we're not even into January's double digits. Huzzah!

But, as you might imagine, it can't be all simply delightful. One of these garments I am really proud of, and plan to make again very soon. And the other? The other is a major disappointment. I'm sure you can likely guess which is which, but I'll get in to the nitty-gritty of both projects in the near future. I plan to give them each the full post they deserve. Both were highly time intensive, challenging in their own way, and taught me so much more than I anticipated.

For now I'm off to bed as we are traveling again tomorrow, despite the fact that I swear we just got home. California, we just can't seem to stay away from you. Here's hoping I'll have the chance to visit one or two of my favorite yarn shops while we're there, and that one of them will have that last elusive skein I need to finish my textured shawl - then all this project-finishing productivity can continue in full force.

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  1. I really don't think there is a wrong or right foot formula applies on socks. Because socks are usually of the same pattern and size for both foot.