somewhat green

All. The. Pieces. Are. Done.

My original goal was to wear this sweater to Thanksgiving dinner, but clearly we're a little behind schedule.
New deadline: blocked, seamed and button-banded before our holiday travel plans. I love a challenge.

And to top it off, like icing on the cake, my fancy new blocking wires just arrived from Churchmouse Yarns. I am beyond excited to finally block with wires instead of ten million little pins. I am considering these wires a valuable investment in my make-our-own-clothes enterprise - which is why I now own a set, even though they were very much not in the budget. (We'll drink a little less craft brew this month... just don't tell Kai!)

I'm still a little worried about this color, though. I really wanted a mustard sweater (despite my last post, and many before it, where I acknowledge that I actually won't wear color no matter how pretty it is). The photos I've seen of this yarn are a lot more yellow than my project is in person - even my photos are, I think, less green than the real thing. But I'm obviously in too deep to do anything other than fully construct this garment before I make a judgement call, so I'm trying not to let my worry slow me down. That, and I've promised myself I can't start my Uniform until this cardigan is, well, actually a cardigan and not a pile of pieces. That might be the best motivation yet.

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  1. This looks like a bandeau top and I swear it would look wonderful as that. Don't worry about the colour at first glance I thought it was mustard.