work, in progress

The recent combination of my freewheeling, unemployed schedule (read: lots of free time), our constant motion (read: need for portable projects) and lack of permanent living space (read: no sewing room) have led to a lot of knitting. And I am loving every minute of it.

Currently on the needles are two patterns from the PomPom Quarterly Issue #7 - the Aureus cardigan and the Silver Birch socks. The Aureus is for me, of course, and the socks are for my mom's upcoming birthday. I'm also working through a tencel version of the Willow Lace Sweater, which was coming along nicely until recently when I realized my mom's birthday is coming up fast and on size 1.5 needles, socks grow pretty slowly. Time to buckle down.

So far I'm actually very satisfied with how all of these are going; the yarn and pattern combo for each of them is coming out really well.  And I could not be more in love with my Chickadee - on a size 7 needle, it is knitting up into the most springy, luxurious feeling fabric, and I am seriously considering casting on for another one as soon as this one is finished.

I just couldn't ask for a more satisfying hobby. Knitting is portable, gratifying, relaxing - and clean! Not a bit of mess, just pick up and go and set it down when you're done. It's true that learning to knit was a crazy frustrating experience for me; I threw my first cowl-in-progress across the room more than once and probably cursed more than necessary. But I'm so glad I stuck with it. The more I knit, the more I love knitting, and the more knitting I want to do.

And speaking of works-in-progress (or WIPs, as they are loving referred to) - guess who got offered a job? I haven't made my final decision yet - things happened a lot faster than I expected them to - but I am very grateful and excited about the opportunity. So far Portland is embracing us in ways we didn't even imagine. I can't wait to see what happens next.

Other things, elsewhere:

Maxwell Tielman authored a truly awesome post today on the issues of gender conformity in design; I highly recommend it. (I have a lot of thoughts on this issue; it may merit its own post in the future.)

The Fringe Association (my newest blog crush) turned three years old! For her knitterly birthday she asked that readers share her site - if you love knitting, you'll love her blog and yarn-centric online store, so please do check it out.


  1. thanks for the reminder.....why do I need one, though? YUCK. I have all these wonderful books/magazines and continue to just haunt ravelry and pinterest for my projects. I had both your cardi and your mom's socks dogeared on my copy of pompom----casting on those socks TODAY. (Obviously, I love what is now on your needles!!!!)

    1. Thanks, Steph! I too have about a million wishlist items, yet I can't help the urge to always look for new patterns to fall for... and forget to make :)

  2. I just found Willow Lace on Rav and would appreciate any input. It seems very odd that the pattern says to cast on size 4, work garter on 1.5, then work the body on size 6...all with lace-weight (2-ply) yarn. Did you do this?

    1. Hi! Sorry what an incredibly delayed response!

      YES I am working the Willow Lace on size 6 - and it's making for a very drape-y, open, potentially semi-sheer type of fabric. But I'm also working this piece in Tencel, not wool, so it's already super silky and drape-y and isn't going to "bloom" and fill out the way that lace weight wool might. I'm excited about the way mine is looking because the person I'm making it for like drape-y slinky fabrics, but the photo of the original design doesn't look near so... semi-sheer as mine does. I'm sorry it's been so long since you asked me this question! Have you cast on? How is yours going? I literally haven't touched mine since this post...