Two years ago today I got married to my best friend in this world.

I tried to write about it here for awhile, but it all sounded trite and flat. So, I think, not many words for this post.

Thank you to all our incredible friends and family who shared that truly magical time with us. We are inexplicably lucky to have you. If a marriage is between two people, a wedding is a village affair. You guys may have only been our physical village for a few days - and what a village you made - but you'll be our village for life. Thank you.

And of course, as you know if you've read here much before: Kai. There are no words. I'm grateful for every moment.
I hope for a hundred more years.


  1. congratulations - this is so so sweet!

    to a beautiful life together!

  2. YAY bringing back wonderful memories of a beautiful wedding!