I am exhausted. Well, I'm always exhausted - but aside from that. I am in the throes of apartment hunting, the ever soul-crushing game of trolling craigslist and padmapper and jotting notes about which place has what and who pays for the electric bill and what's the square footage and oh, the place that just accepted my $80 application doesn't have any closets? Etc, etc. Also, see the windows peeking out behind the sign in this photo? We almost signed a year lease on that exact place before realizing that sign is illuminated like a thousand splendid suns until 1am every night. It's good to visit your soon-to-be neighborhood at all times of day, like after dark, for example, before you sign any paperwork. Not that I can take credit for that idea, of course. Counting closets? Also Kai's brainwork. Turns out maybe I'm not so good at apartment hunting.

The apartment hunt takes precedent of course, as we are on a timeline; but I'm also on the hunt for a new job. While it's not a highly intensive endeavor yet, it easily eats up a big part of the day, and my headspace. I've had an interview for one position already, and have a few other applications out, though there are many more on the agenda. I'm excited about the kind of work I feel is a possibility up here, out of the vicious grasp of San Francisco's cost of living. It's time to get out from behind the desk and do something more - more physical, more creative, more me.

Though I'm thrilled to say I am enjoying this unemployment much more than I thought I would. My typical anxieties over spending / saving / planning / self sufficiency / THE FUTURE, etc, have been marvelously quiet. They prowl around, raise their heads occasionally, but mostly? Quiet.

I'm proud to say we've also been out and about enjoying our new home. We've had beers and big vegan meals (Oregon loves vegans, it is beyond awesome) and long bike rides. The sun is still shining, the long winter rains haven't settled in yet, and we are trying to revel in it as much as we can.

The drive up here was incredible. Oregon is a crazy beautiful place; everything is so lush, so green, so wet and alive. We are so lucky to be here and even luckier to have had a week of travel through these damp mossy places. If you ever get the chance to travel the Oregon coast on highway 101, or through eastern Oregon to Crater Late, you must do it. Just take your raincoat.

Disclosure: We left ours in California (literally, the one thing we forgot) but had a fantastic time anyway.

We traveled over 900 miles during 7 days of camping, yurting, couchsurfing and meandering. We stayed at Crater Lake, Eugene, East Devil's Lake, Nehalem Bay State Park, and Fort Stevens - each place more beautiful than the last. We got soaked to the bone with rain and dried up in hot sun and rode our bikes as often as we could pull over and find a bike path - which was shockingly often. Oregon loves bikes.

And we love Oregon.


  1. these photos are truly breathtaking!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Stunning pictures; they make me want to move there too!