our addictions, our selves

My husband really loves coffee. He loves it in the kind of way where if he doesn't have access to coffee that meets his standards, he is, to put it delicately, a little difficult to be around. I will say he is much less dependent than your average American, being a strictly two cups per day gentleman: one in the morning, and another around three pm. But as calm as this may seem in comparison with the gas-station-32-oz-coffee-consuming-human, I promise you, those two coffees are very serious business.

Four years ago when we moved from Providence, RI to San Francisco, CA, we took our sweet time. We sold / gave away / trashed everything that wouldn't fit into our car and meandered across this rather expansive country in a sort of squiggly line. It was incredible and wonderful and life affirming in so many ways, and unexpectedly difficult in others. For one, eating a plant based diet on the road turns out to be a thing of great difficulty. (If it hadn't been for Subway, we surely would have starved.) Second, those two cups of coffee - coffee which meets his standards, remember? Nonexistent, my friends. Three pm was a notoriously dark hour, those two months.

So it is without a trace of jest that I tell you coffee is one of the reasons that we moved to this town. It's a place that, like Kai, takes coffee very seriously. Highly reputable coffee places are tucked away in just about every nook and cranny around these parts - and Kai intends to explore them all.

One night shortly after we'd arrived here, we were wandering around NE Alberta Street so Kai could feed this caffeine addiction. And as we milled around, away from the coffee place, past a bike shop, an all vegan pastry shop, and about 40 restaurants with vegan options, I saw it. The fabric store. NEXT DOOR to a yarn store.

For real you guys. Bikes, coffee, craft brew, vegan food, and the maker's movement? It's like living in a fairy tale up here. Somebody pinch me. 

Or don't.

And so we have arrived at the first fabric binge buying experience of my new Oregonian life. While Bolt was already closed the first night we walked by, you know I was there again within days. And as if my incredible luck just cannot run out, this weekend was the ninth anniversary of their opening day, which they celebrate each year by putting everything in the shop on sale.





Considering this fact, I think I did really well. I kept it in check. I didn't max out any credit cards. (But if I did, could you really blame me? I think not.)

The solids in the top photos are for some new ombre baby quilts that I am crazy excited about. They are washed and dried and my sewing machine is here with me... but that pesky rotary cutter and self-healing mat are still in storage, along with my quilting thread collection. It's killing me to wait, but at least I can just throw my energy into all that knitting.

Below are the garment-grade fabrics, intended for a series of shirts. The only one that isn't paired to a pattern is that gorgeous ikat from India, on top of the pile. I fell in love the first time I laid eyes on it, and lesson learned, I should have snapped it up. By the time I came back on Friday morning at 11am for the sale, all that was left was about a yard and a quarter. So Kai will sadly never rock a shirt made out of this crazy goodlooking stuff, but at least I have a smidge of it to play with.

P.S. Maybe we have an apartment! Maybe? We did the application dance, got approved, and gave someone a big fat check,... and now they aren't returning my calls. But we are brave in the face of this setback. This place is, afterall, sandwiched between the Portland Nursery and Belmont Station Beer Store and Bar, since we're acknowledging our vices. Keep your fingers crossed for us, yeah?


  1. wow... such wonderful fabrics!

    and fingers crossed for your apartment!!!

  2. I don't know where the time flies!
    Things seem to have really moved on for you guys!
    Your new place sounds like heaven!
    Yarn shop AND fabric next door to each other!?
    Fingers crossed for you and the appartment here too.