insta update

Hi friends. I just wanted to remind you that I am on instagram - and I am surprisingly doing a better job lately of actually updating there. A novel idea, I know. And no, I still don't have a smart phone (never!!!!!!) so don't get too excited.

Also, we finally got a copy of our new lease, so we will officially have a home again as of November 8th. Exciting stuff. I'm sad to say that as much as we love Portland (and Portland rental prices), the apartments here are nothing like the light filled Edwardian closets beauties we're used to. Think 70s era boxes, with loads of bad carpet and old electric stoves - though definitely more square footage. Hardwood floors, where are all the hardwood floors?! Nevertheless, we are excited, plotting the workspace arranges and arguing over sofas. Do you know how ugly sofas are? That is, unless you want to spend all the money you ever had. The proletariat sofa is not a thing of beauty.

Next subject leap: Have you seen the new Dahlia pattern? I'm sure you have. I don't even wear dresses - ever - and I'm still considering making it. How beautiful is that black and white version? Answer: super beautiful. 

Lastly, second sock syndrome. So much second sock syndrome.

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  1. Nice to know that you have got many good news to share here with us. But i am surprised that you do not have a smart phone how could it be possible. But anyhow many congratulations for having a new home and the decorations are nice.