if you can't knit, thrift

It's a lie.

Even if you can knit, thrift.  Maybe especially if you knit.

In the midst of the never-ending apartment hunt yesterday we wandered into a thriftstore and came out with our spirits lifted in the form of a truly awesome, functioning antique radio (for my kitchen NPR habit), and this incredible sweater.

It's 50% wool, and 50% yak.


At a thrift store.

For $7.

At first I considered frogging it for the yarn, but miraculously not only is it made of luxury materials but the cut is actually my style. Lots of positive ease, drape-y, with a hi-low hem. It's from Vince, a company I had never heard of before... but a quick troll around their website left me feeling like I just got the find of a lifetime. So, I won't be unraveling this sweater - at least not while I still love the fit.


  1. wauw....
    what a great found!
    i never ever found something like that
    in the thriftstores around here
    but maybe that's because i live in a small village ;^))

    i also want you to know
    that i have opened an etsyshop

    wishing you both a fine weekend
    Patrice A.

  2. Wow!
    Very lucky you!!
    I don't know which thrift find I envy most; the radio or the sweater....