getting started

The anticipation builds.

I bought a few yards of soft cotton flannel to attempt my first camping shirt for the husbs. I'm really excited about this pattern, the Negroni shirt by Colette. It seems incredibly versatile - there are so many beautiful versions out there - and seeing as Kai pretty much only wears button ups, if I can get this style perfected he can basically stop shopping for everything except pants and shoes (one day, pants, one day... but not today).

Also in sewing news, the Tova and Wiksten Tank paper patterns are back in stock AND on sale! I know the downloadable pdf version never went away, but I have an unnatural fear of using a pattern I have to print out and put together myself. At least at this stage in the game, I'm sticking with paper patterns. And so, finally, my very own Tova pattern is on its way to me. It's going to sit on the back burner for awhile, unfortunately - with that big gift-giving holiday season bearing down on us, I've got a lot of work to do. But I love that I'm finally building up my aresenal to take these hobbies to the next level. Now all I need is a new studio...

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