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WHY HELLO THERE. Yep, it's me. I'm still around. Bouncing around mostly, but here I am - back in front of a computer long enough to say HELLO BLOGLAND I'VE MISSED YOU and also, WOW has a lot happened since I've been here last.

Where to begin. The mini "home-tour" I had planned obviously did not happen - just these few little snapshots. I would have really liked to photo document this little place better, but it will have to live on in memories - better-looking there than in real life, just like all the rest of my past apartments.

We were here just shy of 3 years - the longest I've lived in any apartment. It was our third home together, and we really loved this little place. Sure, the kitchen was the size of a shoebox and I'd bet a million dollars it is not earthquake safe, but the walk-in closet could have been its own bedroom and the light was just incredible. It really did feel like home. I hope the next renter(s) love it as much as we did.

So now, an enormous box - something like 8 x 5 x 7.5 feet - is filled with everything we own, and sitting somewhere in a storage unit in Oregon. We turned in the keys to our sweet little San Francisco apt, put a suitcase and four bicycles in the car, escaped for awhile to the shores of Lake Michigan, moved back to the city for a week, moved out again, and are now alternately taking up space in the guest rooms of Kai's parents and sister in the warm sunny East Bay. We will officially head northward on Sept 19th, and will move into a sublet for a few weeks while we search for an apartment of our own. All this constant movement is mostly to blame for my absence here, but I'm keeping a laundry list of posts I'd like to do and look, here's the first one, crossed off the list. Not bad for a sunny Saturday!

I'm officially unemployed and doing my best to enjoy it. I've got WIPs all over the place, and am researching yarn and plotting new projects in every spare minute. All my fabric might be in storage in Oregon, but you better believe every knitting needle I own stayed accessible. Expect some serious knitting posts coming up soon.

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  1. can't wait! enjoy the nomad life as much as you can!!!!