I am a very lucky lady. In addition to the issue of Pom Pom magazine I was craving, I was also lovingly gifted the new Anthology 1 collection from Madder. The Sibella Cardigan is high up on my knitting wishlist, but I wanted a more immediate taste of these incredible patterns; so when my mother-in-law offered me some yarn from her stash, I cast on for the Camilla Shawl right away. The very next day my dear friend posted a picture of her absolutely stunning version, and I was even more inspired. How incredibly beautiful is that shawl?

So despite the fact that it has been over 90 degrees here for the last three days, I've been making rapid progress. I'm using a DK weight yarn (Silky Merino by Malabrigo in Cape Cod Grey) so I did an additional repeat of the fan pattern to help keep the length. Now that I'm into the garter stitch the rows are flying by, and I hope to have it off the needles this weekend!


  1. i am warning you my dear friend:
    you are going to get seriously addicted on knitting Madder's designs/patterns now!!: ) just like me....ha-ha...
    thank you so much for Your kind words about my version of the Camilla Shawl! i have already used it a lot and loved knitting it...like i always do when i knit something by Madder. AND i am also knitting the Sibella Cardigan : ) it is far up on my want-to-knit list but this one is not for me but for my friend Nausika. yesterday i received the last skein i needed to finish it (she wanted the sleeves longer so i ended up with having too little yarn) so in a week or so i think i will be completely finished with it. she is going to make her own porcelain buttons for it, excited to get to see them : )

    thinking A LOT about you my friend and will be writing you a longer email soon.

  2. Yours is a beautiful version of this shawl. I've actually got a Camilla shawl on my needles right now in a similar shade of gray (though in a workhorse yarn, not quite so nice as your luxurious one!). The Sibella Cardigan is also on my to-knit list. :)

  3. Elizabeth! Wow what a catch up!
    I hope everything works out for you both -job wise and apartment hunting.
    But I fully get the need to knit again these days.
    Enjoy all gifted patterns and anthologies...I am exceedingly envious.