BT Fall 2014

Oh my goodness.

This is not the post I had planned for today, but I was having my morning cup of tea and perusing the blogs (as one does) and I realized that the new BT Fall 2014 collection is out. A very talented friend introduced me to Brooklyn Tweed back when I was still totally new to the world of knitting, and I've been smitten ever since. There are so many BT patterns in my favorite list already; a BT design was an obvious choice for Kai's sweater, and I have another in mind as a gift for my mom. As of today, the above five are now definitely in strong consideration for Oregon winter knitting. (I swear I'm basing that solely on the designs, despite what that color palette may have you believe - pure coincidence.) They are, from left to right: Docklight, Wake, BackBay, Rowe, and Crosby. Wow I love that Crosby. I don't know that it fits into my "only make shapes and styles that are tried and true for me" but it just might be enticing enough to make me knit it to find out.

There are plenty more absolutely beautiful things where these came from - have you gone and looked yet? What are your favorites?

all photos by Brooklyn Tweed


  1. allllll i want to do is curl up and furiously knit some stuff! its been so so so busy for me, though. I am so happy you have some free time and are using it wisely!!! can't wait to see what you decide on.

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  3. for years i have been dying to own (note: NOT knit) a knitted pullover with cables and guess who finally got lucky last week!!! ME!!: )))) the reason is that my sister made one for herself but it turned out a bit too big and not to her likings so i was gifted it as a early Christmas gift. it's gorgeous....plum colored loveliness. so happy with it and waiting for colder days so i can wear it : )
    Brooklyn Tweed Collections are always speeking to me and this collection is no exception! hard to pick only one but i think it must be the Wake pullover..