Okay sweet friends. I know I teased you about the beauty of Oregon yesterday, but I am realizing just how incredibly behind I am on this blog. So much has happened in our lives in these last few weeks! So in the interest of a future me who will likely have an even worse memory than the current me does, I thought maybe I should try to record it in some semblance of order. The last two months or more have been some of the happiest, most contented of my life - I am not an easily contented person! - and I think that is worth trying to capture here. After all, I may need reminding in the future - say perhaps, an upcoming dark cold unemployed Portland winter future? To be determined.

Okay then. Let's go back in time.

Step 1: I quit my job.

Step 2: We moved everything we owned into storage. We moved out of our sweet little San Francisco apartment, with its completely nonexistent kitchen counters but crazy lovely bay windows. As usual it was a down-to-the-wire affair which we "finished" at about 1am. (As much as I strive to be a minimalist / non-consumer, moving always shows you just how much stuff you really have. This is one of the reasons I love/hate moving.)

Step 3: After a few short hours of sleep at the in-laws, we were en route via BART train, then plane, then rental car to Michigan.

Kai's family has owned a lakeside house in Onekama (pronounced oh-neck-a-ma, or playfully referred to as "1,") for over a hundred years. Kai and I haven't had the pleasure of being there since the last time we packed up everything we owned and became temporarily homeless cross-country nomadic travellers, which was almost exactly four years ago. We relished the opportunity to repeat the experience, and to take advantage of a week of family visiting, beach-going, swimming, reading, relaxing and general late summer goodness. It was a wonderful time and went by too quickly, as times like those always do.

All the photographs here are by the talented Kai, of course. You can see more and even better ones herehere and here. I was so deep into relaxation mode that I didn't touch that photo-making contraption the entire trip. I relished the break but also have regrets, as there are some of the most lovely handmade quilts, crocheted throws and handsewn pillows in that house that have warmed many generations - I wish I had pictures of them to show you.

I suppose I will just have to go back.

Up next: life goals, couch-surfing, car camping, new bikes, Portland sublets, and oh, right, all that knitting I've been doing... 

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  1. wahoo, sounds like your life has been very full of a mix of experiences
    lots of good end of summer fun
    welcome to autumn ~