koolhaas round 2

After that knit wishlist post I got a little sad about the lack of knitting going on in this house. But I've promised myself I'll be good and not buy ANY more yarn for a while (more on that in the next post) so my sweater collection is just going to have to languish for now. But since I was feeling motivated I decided to poke around, and there was this. This hat that I made back in January for my father-in-law's 60th birthday. It was quite the learning experience. Of course I didn't swatch, it's a hat, how hard could it be, and yes it called for size 8 needles and I only had 7s, and yes, I'm a tight knitter, but really, it was just a hat, right? I'd successfully mostly improvised fingerless gloves by that point, I wasn't scared of no hat. Suffice it to say, came out sized for a potato and I moped and threw it in a pile and pretended I would find someone with a new baby to give it to.

Fast forward six months to a yarn buying moratorium and I finally felt motivated to tackle it again. Frogged back to a lumpy bundle and completely re-knit on size 10s, it's finally a success. MUCH better. It was also way less of an undertaking this time, just a few hours through the long holiday weekend and it's done. I guess I have learned a thing or two about knitting - it was certainly a beast of a pattern to get through six months ago. Happy belated, Dave! Hope you'll model it for some good pics next time we see you.

The yarn is Madelinetosh Vintage and the colorway is Norwegian Spruce, selected by the birthday boy himself. A good hat for a sailor, I hope. Oh, and see that sneaky little dish up there? That little white dish just peaking out from behind the corner of the desk? Keep an eye on that one, I think it's going somewhere soon...

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