change a brewin'

So many new things are going on around these parts. Some of these happened a while back but I thought it's time I shared them.

1. It's official: I gave notice at my job.

No, I don't have employment secured anywhere else, and no, I'm not really applying like mad right now. Thoughts and plans are amorphous around this but the general idea is, it's time to get involved in something I love, not something that simply pays the bills (although that would be nice, too). The hope is I will be able to take my time to do so, and find the right fit, though we have to see what happens with Kai's job. Cheers!

2. We gave notice on our apartment.

This is a combination of scary/exciting and also a little sad. I love our little apartment, and I love San Francisco, and I love living right up against Golden Gate Park. But I don't love paying out the whazoo for 700-something square feet, and I don't love not having a yard, and I don't love not having pets. Oh, and, same as above: No, we don't have residence secured anywhere else.

I will miss our little space, though. I decided to use the move as motivation to do a little home tour here on the blog, so here's hoping I can make that happen. It'd be really nice to have some images to look back on in the years ahead.

3. We're building new bicycles!

This is just all around exciting. It's something we should have done a long time ago, but I'm glad we're at least doing it now. I guess I haven't talked about it on the blog very much but Kai and I are both full-time bicycle commuters, and I would say the word "cyclist" is a big part of both of our identities. We are currently shaping up to have two - that's right, two - bicycles each: one commuter for each of us, and one touring / randonneuring for each of us. You better believe when these monsters are finished being built they're getting a post all to themselves. But last night I brought my new commuter home for the first time (built it myself!) and I couldn't resist sharing a sneak peak. HOW SEXY IS THAT BICYCLE. She's a mean cream machine. Now I just have to not screw up wrapping the bars...


  1. hi there!
    and good luck to it all!!!
    i have been there, about 12 years ago
    we gave notice to our jobs, left family, friends and all we knew behind
    and started a new life in the place we still live
    with wide open hearts and eyes, no fear
    and it all worked out
    in the end
    go for it!
    meantime i will keep my fingers crossed ;^))
    Patrice A.

  2. That is a lot going on! But it sounds exciting and adventurous and full of promise!
    Love your bike - the color is like pearls!!

    Linda in VA

  3. How wonderfully exciting for you and Kai. You are inspiring. Can't wait to see where this new adventure takes you, I am sure it will be spectacular!