stay up late, with the sun

I somehow completely missed the solstice - I was caught up in my own work, in the best possible way - which is bummer as it is an event (holiday?) I really love. Every year in my head I plan out elaborate solstice-themed parties, including an awesome menu (though I must admit I'm partial to the winter event in terms of theme) and then the actual day rolls around and I remember, oh right: 1.) I don't actually have enough local friends to have a party (being the homebody, non-socialite type) and 2.) when it comes right down to it, I pretty much always prefer doing nothing to doing something (see item #1).

But some day I am going to throw a totally indulgent and classy solstice party. My imagination has been toying with the idea for so long, it seems inevitable. Until then, though, I'm staying mum about my themed menu. You'll have to wait and see.

I'm sure I'll blog about it - if it ever happens.

But on the topic of edibles: I'm starting a new "thing." Or at least trying to start a new thing. Clearly all of us here have the internet, so surely you've heard the hype about maca powder by now. Of course I'm not a believer in any miracle food / powder / pill, etc. But I definitely believe in modifying food sources over taking synthetic supplements - as proven by my untouched, expensive bottle of miracle drug in the medicine cabinet that is supposedly the answer to my sleep issues. And since many people are straight up evangelizing that maca can lead to better sleep and more energy (among other things), I figure it's worth a try. In fact I've had some maca on hand for just this purpose, but mixing it in my granola tasted too weird for me. So when I stumbled on Andrea's blog this week and found this post, it resonated.

Mimicking her post with the whole Mason Ball jar thing was actually unintentional.  I made it in a mug at first, but it turns out a teaspoon of maca is surprisingly hard to dissolve. After ten minutes of stirring, I finally transferred the whole thing to the jar to give the shake method a go. It worked much better.

Friends, let me tell you: even if the health benefits are all hype, this drink is delicious. I certainly won't mind having one for breakfast a couple days a week. I'm already excited that I get to have another one tomorrow. Try it for yourself, I bet you'll like it.

P.S. My little cactus is really growing! Excitng times.

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  1. well, when you are in the mood to celebrate solstice, i will come ;-)
    I wonder where in the world you live, probably not Montana.

    your blog friends recipe looks good, i want to try it.
    i also do things that are hard to mix, minerals in the form of clay etc.... i use a little battery powered whisk called an areolatte. I got it for coffee drinks but now use if for all sorts of things. wishing you a sweet summer.