seams seams and more seams

I've been away awhile, but I'm back. And I have a lot on my plate - which means many posts coming up, including a shop update on the way. Shortly here this evening I'm headed out to the ceramics studio, to make up some of the hours I've been away (Mondays are not usually ceramics days). I'm excited to have my hands busy again. I feel like I've been on quite the hiatus.

Though I did manage to sneak in plenty of knitting while I was away, and now the individual parts of Kai's sweater are officially done. I'm way over my two month goal, but I took several breaks and also greatly underestimated finishing time for this sucker. Learning the mattress stitch  - on panels whose opposite sides face each other, with expressed seams (inside out, basically), and fingering weight yarn - was quite an exercise for me this weekend. Many hours later, though, we are... halfway there. I'm simultaneously ecstatic about finishing it and terrified that it won't fit him. Yes, everything is to measurement so far but I am way too new at this game to trust that it's all just going to be perfect. Kai is tall and thin, so I combined the pattern of two sizes to match proportions from a sweater he owns and loves. Read: so much room for error. No matter what though, someone is going to be wearing this sweater for years to come - even if it's me.

The little details on this piece are really what is going to be special about it. The reverse stockinette side panels under the arms are a nice touch. And that little V in the neck? Absolutely my favorite part of the whole thing. I can't wait to see it once I pick up the stitches and add the ribbing... hopefully someday soon.


  1. I LOVE the colour of the wool :)
    I still haven't picked up my needles but have bought a gorgeous Jared Flood design....just need the right wool.
    Hope you had a lovely rest.
    Good luck in the studio!

  2. love, love, LOVE this wool and color..but that you already knew : )))
    you in the ceramics studio: music to my ears!!


  3. Ooh this is going to be gorgeous, and I agree, that little triangle at the neck is perfection!