HEM on instagram

Guess who finally has an Instagram account?

This actually happened a little while ago, and I have just continually neglected to mention it. Whoops. But it's true, I'm there, I'm officially present on more social media that just blogger. I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks. Also, I've said it once this week and I'm saying it again: there is actually a shop update coming soon, and there will be sneak peeks coming up on Instagram over the next several days. Follow me at @hem_shop if you're so inclined.

I have been notoriously bad at prioritizing HEM lately, but that's okay. We are in the midst of lots of change around here. Examining the realities of an upcoming move, slowly emptying closets, talking about employment options and lack thereof, and generally living life. There's no rest for the wicked, as they say. (Also, I think I'm a month late to the party on this but that song has been an anthem for me at work lately.)

Looking forward to a good glass of bourbon in just a few short hours, friends. It is Friday after all.


  1. I will follow you on instagram via my daughter's account. Not having an iphone, or any other smart gadget phone or pad, I don't have my own account. Good luck with the moving (been there several times and sympathize with the packing!)

  2. I'm on instagram too ... but haven't logged in in forever. I'll follow you as soon as I next do :)

    Good luck with that move. We're currently contemplating our 7th, I'm just not sure if I have the energy for another.

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