early summer

Oh, hello there.

I've been mostly offline for over two weeks now, as we had a slew of visitors. And then I made an unexpected trip to the great American Southwest, where I've been for the last week. It was 98 degrees my first day here. I'm slowly developing what us pale people pretend is a tan while devouring Light in August and working my way through a massive watermelon. I'm also knitting intermittently, but I'm here to help out family so I'm trying not to behave too much like I'm on vacation.

I've been making (very slow) progress on the HEM summer line. After an incredibly bad customer service experience at the largest fabric store in town, I learned a valuable lesson and was pushed back to square one in terms of sourcing. I'm working on making alternative arrangements but buying fabric in bulk is complicated if you don't have the ability to buy wholesale, which I don't yet have. I haven't been quite willing (or financially able) to invest in that process yet, but it's seeming more and more like the only way to go. I keep wavering on whether I can successfully get anything accomplished at the DGExpo without a business license, and I just don't know the answer. I guess I'll just have to go to find out.

But you guys, the most flattering thing happened today. The lovely Erin Boyle, writer of the beautiful blog Reading My Tea Leaves, linked to one of my humble little quilts! (You can find the mention in this post, toward the bottom under "other things.") While I am always and forever incredibly flattered when anyone links to me online, this one seems particularly new and exciting because I don't know Erin in any capacity. I've been an avid reader of her site but never a commenter; and as far as I know we don't share any mutual friends - online or otherwise. So you can imagine my surprise when, on a widely read blog, I clicked on a word that interests me (I will always follow a link titled "quilt") and was shown my own website. I'm flabbergasted, as my grandpa would say. And to use the word for the third time, so incredibly flattered.

I'm off to bed now, in my quiet guest room with two towering saguaro peeking in the window. But I just wanted to say a big heartfelt thank-you. Because no matter how much I get in my own way, it never fails that I'm reminded of people's generosity and support in some way, big or small, that keeps me going forward.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your shopping experience! I hope they weren't too mean to you.
    What a lovely surprise to discover yourself via a link :)
    I'm not surprised though.
    Hope you are able to enjoy that gorgeous weather - 98 degrees!!!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear you had a bad shopping experience! When you are buying something you love, you want that time to be "lovely".....

    Linda in VA

  3. i LOVE that pattern on the second fabric from the left, it has my name written all over it. and i have a tiny piece of it in my home : )

    so sorry to hear about that bad shopping experience my sweet friend..
    BUT ooooo SOOOO exciting to hear about that well deserved link, i am happy for you.