gratitude sunday

I'm a little late, but better late than never. I'm off to bed, but here are some the things I've been grateful for lately.

- That Kai's sweater is almost finished, and that I'm feeling confident in my ability to start making more of our own clothes - a very exciting prospect for me.

- That I found more of the beautiful yarn (above) that Kai gifted me almost two years ago, so now I have enough to make a bigger project.... like a sweater of my own...

- The incredible wealth of inspiration and ideas that I find being part of this blogging place.

- Finding the yoga mat I have been putting off buying online - a natural rubber, environmentally friendly yoga mat made here in the US. A yoga instructor recommended this mat to me but I have been debating buying it because I could not touch it in person and had only seen it online. I couldn't believe my luck that I literally ran into it accidentally this weekend at SF's best grocery store.

- Unexpectedly seeing a ceramics teacher of mine, a lovely surprise.

- My runs. I put them off and put them off and believe so whole-heartedly that they're torturous and that I don't want to do them; then I finally go. And then I wonder what I was thinking. Running gets my head right.

- That the ocean is so close to my home.

- The rain we got yesterday.

- My freshly made bed that I am about to get into.

I hope you had a lovely weekend, friends. Goodnight!


  1. I love your yarn and a freshly made bed, ahhh heaven..........

  2. I love that yarn! Such a soft shade that will go with everything....
    Oh, how I would love to live close to the ocean!

    Linda in VA

  3. That yarn is simply beautiful.
    Your gratitude list was lovely. It is always a pleasure to meet a person from the past. Especially someone who has had a significant meaning to your life.
    I do not have the ocean nearby but I have enjoyed the nearby fields so much lately. It is spring time so everything is turning to green and the wild life is present all the time.