As I said in my last post, I just started my first homemade batch of kombucha. I know there are conflicting beliefs about the health benefits of kombucha, but regardless of whether it is actually a miracle elixir or not, I love the stuff. I try not to buy it often - only as a treat for myself occasionally - because it can be pretty expensive in stores. But now that I know I can make it cheaply and easily at home in vast quantities, I plan to basically live off kombucha. Very exciting times here in this tiny apartment.

We got the above jellyfish-looking blob (the starter for kombucha, called a scoby: Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast) from some friends, and I promptly named him Chewy (short for Chewbaca). Kai thinks Chewy is disgusting and gross, but I think Chewy is awesome weird science (and also kind of gross).

Tomorrow marks Chewy's 8th day of eating and fermenting the sugary black tea I fed him last week. On day ten I plan to combine that tea with fruit juice, bottle it up, and let it sit a few more days before our first taste. There are literally dozens of websites that can give you step by step instructions on how to make kombucha at home, so I'm not going to type up my version here because let's face it, this is my very first batch and I'm definitely making lots of mistakes. Mistake number one, I put Chewy in the fridge the first night we brought him home. Oops. Mistake number two, I washed the giant jar I bought for him with soap, which is a surefire way to hurt and/or kill your scoby. Oops again. SO FAR I think those are the only two big errors I've made, but we'll have to see in a few days if Chewy is even still alive - I've been doing my best not to disturb him in his dark cabinet lair beneath the sink. (Yes, I anthropomorphize things a lot, but it actually is a living thing. Or at least, it can die. I hope he didn't die!)

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