Why hello there.

It's been awhile. How are things? You're busy, yes? Happy and productive? Good. I'm glad the rest of you are marching on. I'm involved in my absolute busiest time of year for work right now: so far it's meant missing two weeks of ceramics, falling behind on any and all correspondence, not getting as much sleep as I'd like, etc. I don't talk much about my day job on this blog - it's not one I find personally fulfilling. When I took this job my husband and I agreed on a three year timeline (there are boring, financial reasons for this) and in a few short months that three year mark will be on our doorstep. I'm prone to complaining but the truth is, this time is moving very fast. Maybe I better start preparing for a change.

February is threatening to end any minute. My amazing, generous, handsome and pony-tailed husband turns 32 tomorrow. I'm making big plans for the summer line at HEM. The California drought continues. And since we've been afflicted with seventy degree days and sunshine here, we thought we'd give ourselves a true does of Pacific Northwest February and fly up to Portland, OR for a long weekend. (That's where we met our friend, above - and many more like him. Is there some insider thing about dinosaurs in Portland? Someone fill me in...) Oh, Portland, you are true to your reputation and did not disappoint. We were wet, we were chilled, we ate like kings, we drank like monks, and we embarrassed ourselves on the skeeball machines. We came home exhausted and happy and sugared up on vegan doughnuts.

I have been receiving packages like a kid at Christmas and I can't wait to tell you all about them. I'm exhausted and broke and good things are happening, balls are rolling, and maybe not just into the lousy 10 point hole in the skeeball machine.


  1. dear you
    i have been reading your conversation with vibeke
    how i love those posts!!
    and because i like your pottery so much
    i looked to find a potteryclass around here
    and there is! tralala!

    hmm, about the financial situation we are there too, again
    i always thought i would be easier when older
    but now we are back there where we were before
    no fun ;^((
    but we will manage, like you two


  2. Oh Elizabeth - your beautiful, wonderful, generous colour swap parcel arrived this weekend - and I could have cried over your lovely gifts.
    I was overwhelmed but very, very happy!!
    Thank you so much - each and every one was perfect.