a conversation

I am so, so flattered and honored to be a guest on one of my favorite blogs, abutterflyinmyhair. A year ago I would never have imagined that I could write that sentence on this blog! I am thrilled.

Vibeke is a truly inspirational person, and a dear friend. If you come here to read often, it is thanks to Vibeke in some way. Whether from her actually directing you here (so many of you! hi!) or simply because my friendship with her has encouraged me - in no small way - to be where I am today. If you haven't visited her blog before, you are in for a treat; it is an uplifting place.

You can read our conversation here.

Thank you, Vibeke. You spoil me.


  1. Beautiful vibeke's post!! is nice to know you! so hello!!!

  2. I have been quietly dropping in here for some time, but yes, it was all Vibeke's doing. That said I stayed because I love what you share.

    I hope health has returned to your home now x