Still no work, Kai still sleeping on the studio floor on the air mattress. So we can both get a little more sleep. No sewing, no laying out quilts, no stitching. Minor knitting, knitting disappointments, time to start over again - you know how it goes. Still reaching for Nabokov's Ada, instead of sewing - and making short work of it, so some perks to sick days, I suppose. Still feeling guilty about not getting any work done. Still not feeling up to work.

Days are going by, and time is standing still. All this still-ness.

I lost one of my favorite rings down the shower drain. Not my favorite ring, not my most important ring, not nearly. But still.
Kai has always said I would lose one, and once I lost it before - actually, at our wedding - but someone found it in the refrigerator, in the salad. Can you imagine? A little gold hoop sitting in the lettuce. I guess I can only be so lucky once.

It rained today. If you're in the states you've probably heard about the severe state of the drought we're in, out here. So a little rain was a good thing, but it was only a little, and still so far from enough.

Listening to a little Charlotte Gainsbourg. Thinking about making soup, something like kale, potato and bean. Maybe tomorrow.

See Ganesha up there? He is the remover of obstacles. He is waving hello.

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  1. Oh dear, you do sound very down. Sending you a virtual hug from an exceedingly wet and dismal UK. Be gentle with yourself, everything moves at it's own pace, resistance doesn't help, so try to relax.

    PS: I once lost a little ring - found it a year later, in the bottom of the chest freezer!