snowball effect

Little aggravations seem to build up to an insurmountable wall at times. Alone they seem so insignificant, but sometimes there is a snowball effect. Things can roll together so completely that they become indistinguishable from each other; they seem to form a large mass, powerful and destructive. I keep trying to remind myself that individually these things are meaningless and small, but I need more practice with this train of thought. None of these things are so important - or impossible - on their own. Not a one.

Sometimes I am overwhelmed with the feeling that I am not where I am meant to be.

The good news is I am finally, finally back in the ceramics studio. It is only once a week, but it makes  huge difference. It will still be a long while before I'm making ceramics for sale at HEM, but every little step along the way should be lauded as a victory. So that the small things can roll together, indistinguishable from each other, to form a large mass.


  1. When you get those feelings of not being where you are meant to be, just remember to look back so that you can see how far you have truly come. Sometimes amid all the chaos it can be hard to see.
    Love hearing that soon there will be some ceramics for sale at HEM. I will need to have one for sure. :)

    1. This is really lovely advice, Andi, thank you. I always appreciate your comments here!

  2. Hi ! I've discovered your beautiful blog & work through a mutual friend, Vibeke. I am a huge fan of ceramics, so I'll be eagerly checking your shop when they'll be available, because the ones on this photo look heavenly ! :)

    1. Hello Sonia, thank you for reading! I think it will still be a long while before I have ceramics as HEM, but I will be sure to post all about it as the time gets closer. Thanks for visiting!

  3. sweet you, this morning i had to think of you
    while drinking coffee at the farm-shop
    the cup looked so much like yours
    it made me smile

    and for what it's worth
    i know that feeling too well
    but like andi says it's good to see
    where you are and what you have done already

    looking forward to see ceramics soon ;^))


  4. I'm glad you are back in the studio and look forward to seeing what you create!
    I too know that snowball effect of little meaningless things that add up into what big ice berg!! I then sit
    down and knit like a crazy woman - LOL!

    Linda in VA