sick days

I'm sorry my sweet ones. You've all been patient and wonderful and I know that I owe you some surprises, too. I had intended to finalize the newsletter and do a shop update by Monday (tomorrow), but my husband is still very sick (a fever for four days now) so our tiny apartment has become a time warp of sorts. I am very tired and feeling very guilty - both about having done none of the work I promised myself I would do, and about being a grumpy caretaker. There is both sickness and unfortunate health news in this house of late. It has been a crabby four days.

I am finding myself easily frustrated. I wrote you a huge diatribe about it just now but deleted it, it was not worth your time. Nor mine, really. We are where we are, we cannot go back. We can only go, we must go, forward. Self-pity is a waste of time, I know it I know it I know it and yet sometimes I trot down that path so willingly. Sometimes a run is a good cure for this. If you can manage to get your shoes on.

I promise, a shop update is coming very soon. As soon as my house is put back together, the air mattress put away, the kitchen cleaned, and the computer put back on its desk instead of on the floor next to the bed for sick day movie marathons. I am tinkering with adding international shipping, though it pains me to put those prices up, they are so expensive. I apologize in advance for the sticker shock. I promise I will never make a dime on shipping; I solemnly swear.

As a conciliation gift for my long absence, and the static nothingness of the shop, please accept this, the far more exciting and worthy blog of my dear friend Melissa. Melissa is not only a bottomless treasure trove of awesomeness, but is also an incredible artist. The two pieces above, hanging in my studio, were both made for us by her, and we own this original as well. (The top piece in that photo is actually our wedding crest. How lucky are we? The luckiest.)

You can find her incredible paintings on her website, and you must read her delightful comic-strip studded blog (click on the images to enlarge). And, just in case you absolutely can't get enough of her quirky, funny, lovableness: you can find her old blog here.

Okay friends. I hope you are all happy and healthy, the healthiest you've ever been. We are trying to get healthy over here, too.

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  1. Sickness does slow you down - I think it's meant to, the body's way of protesting...
    Hope all is well soon - looking forward to the update.
    And I sigh at shipping rates too - they get more and more expensive here - it might soon be worth couriering!