I realized that I never shared with you my acorn-dyed mokune moons. Originally I had titled this post "failure," and had let it languish in my drafts folder for some time. But I'm glad I didn't publish it then, because I've been sitting with these, and they've grown on me. And of course, regardless of the fact that they won't become the project they were originally intended for, I've learned so much from doing them. Now I am excited to try again, already with so many new ideas. Maybe after a few more rounds, dare I say it, I may even splurge and buy silk? Let's talk crazy.

Speaking of splurging - and this is a bizarre transition, but stay with me:

My darling husband has been in bed already two hours, he came down with something over the long weekend. He must be truly feeling bad - I can't tell you what an anomaly it is for him to be in bed before me. It's unheard of. But meanwhile I'm nearly giddy, I just ordered his birthday present. His birthday may be over a month away, but this just couldn't wait. I pride myself on the gifts I get my husband: I spoil him absolutely rotten. I believe this is my Job, capital J, and I take it very seriously. On past gift-giving occasions, I believe I have bowled him over a good time or two. But I am feeling like this might be It. The Best Gift I've Ever Gotten Him. I will tell you all about it, but he'll be snooping, so you'll have to wait for the big reveal. Which is killing me, I tell you. Killing me. This gift isn't even for me, and I'm more excited than a kid on Christmas morning. You see, this is because I take pride in my Job.
I am the best at what I do. Make no mistake.


  1. these are wonderful!
    i want to thank you
    for your sweet comment


  2. You are the best at your JOB!!! I'm excited for both of you and can't wait to hear his reaction! See you Sunday.