I'm so frustrated with blogger I don't know what to do. I've tried everything I can find to turn off this "auto-enhance" feature for photos. I've changed the settings in Google Plus, I've even walked through photos one at a time, making sure it says that the feature is off for each photo. I've had a pop-up telling me it's "reverting HEM blog" to the original files, turning off auto-enhance. I've read so many how-to posts on this subject from different bloggers, and I swear I've done it all. But to no avail. All the saturation comes out of the colors, the highlights are subdued, and often the photos actually look grainy. Just tonight, my maybe third or fourth go-round, I've been at this for an hour. I wanted to come home and sew, dammit, but I want to write to you, too! And I can't get a decent looking picture up to save my life.

Now don't ask me why this worked, but somehow I was able to overlay a preview of my actual file onto the previewed post from blogger, take a screenshot, upload it to this post, and LOOK. I'm not crazy. That is a huge color difference.

The screenshot thing makes me think, what if I took a screenshot of all my images, then upload those? It might be worth a try, except for how incredibly annoying, inconvenient, and quality-reducing that process would be. I'm even quite ticked about the Death Valley photos from the last post - go have a look at Kai's blog (not hosted by blogger) and you'll see what those colors are supposed to look like - but I was too frustrated to fight with it anymore and published it anyway.

What. To. Do.

I'm sure this is thrilling for you all to read. Sorry to rant on. It's just that want to be posting more than I am, but as you know I hate dealing with technological problems, so this has been quite a roadblock. And given how difficult it is for me to feel happy with my images already, posting them sub-par just feels awful. I've been given a lot of reasons to switch off of blogger, but there's that winning combination of time / technical difficulties / busy-ness / laziness happening. I'm all ears if any of you have strong feelings about other platforms. (Anyone love WordPress?)

Moving on.

Since blogger won't let me publish anything beautifully, let's just publish this already grainy phone-camera image, shall we?

Over the break, Kai and I were lucky enough to get into Pier 24, a by-appointment-only photography gallery space here in SF. It turned out to be quite difficult to get our appointments, but it was definitely worth it. The above shot (taken with Kai's phone) is of my favorite pieces. I can't find the artist information at this moment, but I promise you I'll update here when I do. It's written down somewhere.

And with that, I'm off to measure, cut, sew. Time to stop staring at this screen.


  1. Hi Elizabeth, I'm having the same problem and I've come up with two solutions (neither are perfect I'm afraid but work for both post images and gadget / banner images for me):
    - Save your images as png's instead of jpegs. This works fine but the files are about twice the size so not great for people with narrow bandwidth accessing your blog.
    - Host a jpeg (or other format) elsewhere - I sometimes use http://imgur.com because it's so easy - and select the 'from a URL' option in the 'Insert Image' menu.

    I hope this helps, let me know if you find any other work arounds!

    1. Cally! This is so helpful, THANK YOU. It makes perfect sense because the photo I posted that seems truest to color is the screenshot one - ie, much smaller in size. Thanks a million!

  2. seconding hosting your images elsewhere. I would guess that blogger wants to cut down on file size so they auto downsize the images for file size's sake.

  3. I've switched to saving most of my images as png files, and I'm keeping file sizes small to avoid giving folk with narrow bandwidth problems ... it does make a huge difference.