thank you

An enormous, huge, gigantic, heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone for the incredible support and love around the HEM launch. I'm so grateful to all of you, near and far, known and unknown. The kindness and generosity of this little corner of the internet has never ceased to amaze me. Thank you.

Keep your eyes on the shop over the next few days, as I will be adding a few items. Also, if you'd like to be added to the HEM newsletter (no more than once monthly emails) you can sign up here; just write "newsletter" in the subject line. I'm planning something special for newsletter subscribers in January, but that is all I will say for now.

The shop will be open for orders, but I will not doing any shipping between Dec 24th and Jan 1st. We are headed out into the desert sands of Death Valley to enjoy some time away over the holidays - and I could not possibly be looking forward to it more. Death Valley is an absolutely incredible place, and I'm so excited to be going back there for a more extensive visit.  I will do everything I can to bring back beautiful pictures. Between a recent fever, late nights prepping for the shop launch, and all the other typical holiday madness, a vacation to the middle of nowhere sounds like perfection. Until then, though, it's time to work!

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  1. Congratulations !!! All of the pieces in your post below are simple + beautiful + exquisite. I am so glad I discovered your shop and you. And when I read your About Me piece on the side, I said a heartfelt yes ~ of course your work is exquisite. Wishing you so much success with this endeavor. So much.