sew facing west

The cold snap continues, and I'm chilled through every morning on my way to work, with frost on the road and my hole-y mittens between me and my handlebars. I like it, though. It reminds me of the time of year, and the seasons I had growing up - the real cold, the snow, the visible breath. I've not been sleeping well; I'm tired and have been running a fever. I'm so looking forward to the holiday and some time away from work. But the cold, I'm somehow not minding at all.

I've been hand binding the star quilt the last few days. I realized this morning that I sew facing west. This is certainly not a particularly symbolic or purposeful thing, but it is a lovely phrase. Sew facing west. I'm going to use that for something, that little nugget.

Keep your eyes peeled, friends, things are happening. This week there will be a little giveaway(!) - more on that in the next few days. Meanwhile you'll probably notice a few changes around here. Thanks for bearing with me while I tinker. Swift, beautiful technological updates are just not a realistic goal in my life. But if there's something I've been trying to take to heart recently, it's that I must not fear failure. Failure really isn't so much of problem. Fear, however, is another story.

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