red & blue, round two

I'm working on an exquisitely simple quilt: wholecloth, tied. I found this incredible chambray at Peapod a while back - a gorgeous denim with little stray wisps of color. Green, red, yellow, blue. If kindergarten became a textile, I'm pretty sure it would look like this. It is adorable. I'm overly excited about the possibilities for binding.

I told you, red and blue these days. Also, simplicity - least, in this project. I want to pare myself down, and really focus on some individual elements. Let the materials do the talking, for a little bit. We'll see what happens.

Friends, it was a four day weekend and I can't believe it's almost over already. I have so much to work on, no time to chat. But I hope you all had an absolutely wonderful, overly-stuffed Thanksgiving.


  1. I too love red and blue. One day I plan on having at least one room in my house based around that theme!

    Linda in VA

  2. Ooh, this IS gorgeous fabric. I love that you're letting its beauty shine through with such a simple approach.