It's cold. It's been in the thirties at night, with frost on the ground in the morning, and hasn't crept much past 42 in the day. I know for most of you forty degrees probably sounds wonderful right now, but in our infamously temperate area it's almost shocking. Our apartment building has the heat on a timer; it went off early this morning and won't come on again until around 7pm. In my three winters here it has never been close to this cold. I have on two pairs of socks, and my husband's enormous slippers.

I've been fighting with digital photos all weekend. I'm in awe of the seemingly endless proliferation of beautiful images on the internet - I hate taking photos. A hundred clicks of the shutter and I might have three photos that aren't so bad. It's always a struggle. What are your secrets?

I'm back in a working frenzy, with several things going at once. Currently searching for the perfect binding for my simple quilt - something to bring out the green, yellow and red. I'm very happy with it so far. It's only a throw, but I hope to make a queen size in the near future. As much as I enjoy the act of piecing quilts, it's the simple outcomes that I like the best.

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  1. Your quilt spread looks simply lovely on your bed!!!

    I too have a hard time getting even one picture to put on my blog that looks decent!!! I know I need to get a better camera, but I also know there is more to it than that - LOL!

    Linda in VA