seek and find

Trying to continue with this openness everyday, to seek every little possibility for adventure, especially when that means simply looking at your surroundings more closely. I had an appointment outside of the city yesterday so we piled into the car early to make the most of the morning. Just south of here is a place called Colma, the city of the dead, with some 1.5 million interned in just under 2 square miles. Even in the cold and damp, it was a better choice than staying in bed.

As their official website states: It's great to be alive in Colma.

I am looking for inspiration everywhere. Pattern and surface, color and line. Looking forward to digging in to some much needed work, these next two days. And finally, being home in the daylight, I can get some photos of current projects. More shibori and natural dyes on the way, and hopefully a little quilting soon. It has been ages since I've actually posted something to this blog about what I'm working on, and I promise my procrastination stops this weekend.

Have a wonderful weekend, all of you.

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  1. wonderful to see the world through your lens and heart ~ thank you
    lovely stitching too ~