sunlight surprise

OH the daylight is growing shorter every day. It is so hard for me to get a decent photo in between getting home from work and the sun disappearing completely. What was that thing The Onion so wisely said? Oh right - be sure to do that thing you love on nights and weekends!

I actually mean that to be a little funny and not nearly so down in the dumps as it sounds. I am happily looking forward to a few uninterrupted hours of the work I love this evening.  But while trying to photograph something else today I moved some fabric around and - surprise! - look what I found. While I'm complaining about the sun punching out too early, she's been in my studio doing work of her own on my onion skin fabric.

Actually, I quite like it. It's hard to tell from this picture but there is a faded diamond, not just the bright white triangle.  I'm now ruminating on what I can use this for as a whole... I like it far too much to cut it up. Any ideas?

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