mail is nice

Mail is nice, isn't it? I always think so. I managed to find some copies of that book I was looking for, so I put one in the mail to my sister as a surprise. And very soon my youngest cousin will have her extremely exciting, long-awaited 13th birthday, and will become a teenager(!), so I am preparing a package for that occasion as well. (Any tips, generous blogging world?  What do thirteen year old girls love these days?)

So, mail. Slow, deliberate, physical mail. Nice even when you send it to yourself. Case in point: look what I went and bought myself from Brooklyn Tweed:

I was so happy when it arrived. Sadly there are no San Francisco retailers carrying Brooklyn Tweed yarns yet, but as I've been dying to use them, I finally went ahead and ordered a shade card. (Yes, I know about you, A Verb for Keeping Warm, and you are truly awesome. But we've talked about this: I'm a hermit, and Oakland is not in my tiny, regular orbit.)

There are just so many things I am itching to knit from Brooklyn Tweed. A sweater for my husband. A warm wool hat for my sailor of a father-in-law. Maybe even something nice for myself? If I've learned anything about becoming a knitter, it's that having too many projects on your brain (and needles) to keep up with is par for the course. Part of joining the club. I'm smiling as I type because I know there are many of you who will second me on this.

So what about you, have you used Brooklyn Tweed yarns? Do they hold shape well? Do you love them? What do you think? I really want to know, because those colors are calling my name.

And then, then, as if it wasn't nice enough to get a little card full of colorful yarn, I received my package from the lovely Anu! Thank you, thank you, sweet Anu! And thank you, Vibeke, for organizing the international tea swap and for introducing me to your lovely friends.

Three kinds of tea, two chocolates, and a beautiful card. How spoiled I am!

One of the chocolates is already gone, of course. I am trying hard to resist tasting the tea this minute because it is already late, and it is time for bed... but I cannot wait to try it. I'll tell you all about it. In the mean time, you tell me: Brooklyn Tweed, and teenage girls' birthday presents. Don't forget.


  1. Liz in Missouri USAOctober 2, 2013 at 7:19 AM

    LOL - I've never used Brooklyn Tweed, but thoose colors look amazing. I think I'm partial to the greens and tans, but oh, gosh. Look at those maroons and reds. Makes me think of something mystical and spicey. Aren't 13 years olds leaning toward the "cool" these days? Music? Accessories? Bling? I haven't a clue about that either, so am absolutely no help to you at all. But what a lovely gift of tea and chocolate! The card looks to be worth framing!

    1. OH I'm so afraid of how "cool" 13 year olds might be. I was half expecting someone to write the dreaded "Bieber" in these comments! Lucky for me, my cousin is more like I was at her age - bookish, "nerdy," very into the outdoors, bugs, and totally not into makeup. I have the perfect book(!) but the rest eludes me...

  2. I'm so with you on the too many projects on the brain and needles! I've used both BT's Loft and Shelter and I love them. They actually hold up very nicely, in my opinion. The wool slightly fuzzs and felts (in a good way), making it more durable over time. I made my hubby a few hats in Shelter and each one of them has actually gotten better and softer. They are his favorite hats. I have a Levenwick in Shelter for myself, but have not had a chance to wear it yet.

    1. Thanks for sharing! I do generally hear good things about these yarns - but I'm a new knitter, so how different yarns "hold up" over time is not something I have any knowledge of. I'm dying to knit that Redford though, I think I'm going to go for it ;)

  3. i touched the shelter line when i was in denver at Fancy Tiger Crafts. I have almost ordered online so many times but i never pulled the trigger. GO FOR IT!

  4. You are so welcome dear Elizabeth!!
    Those colours are beautiful and I just fell in love with that beanie and that Jules pullover too. I am knitting three cardigans now at the same time and it is far too much for my skills and I don't even have enough time to knit them all but it actually does not matter. I am enjoying the process :)