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Hardly Strictly made for a great weekend. I'm sorry I neglected to tell you about it. It was legitimately hot - actually, really truly hot - which is a far cry from years past. It was wonderful. That top picture sums it up pretty nicely.

I have a lot of catching up to do, both on the blog and personally. Fall is here, though I tend to forget. Here in northern California, September and October bring our nicest days; in San Francisco in particular, we finally get our warmest days of the year. I know lifelong Californians feel differently, but there are no seasons here for me. I do miss them, sometimes. But with our nicest weather of the year finally happening, it's hard to be nostalgic for frost. (It is no accident that we were married this month.)

I had big plans for October, and we're still seeing how they might pan out. Life moves at its own pace, no matter what you do.

So while most of you are donning knit hats and gloves and casting on for new sweaters, I'm finally wearing a t-shirt, at least before 4pm. Though the holiday season will be here before we know it, so I too have gifts on the needles. It is a problem for me, that I would much rather work on a gift for someone else than bear down on my own work. I worry that between now and December there may be very little picked up from my personal "to-do" pile. But there are worse problems to have, surely, than enjoying making things for other people.

Speaking of which, I finally finished Kai's second requested hat. He thinks it's a little too big - of course, since all prior attempts have been too small. Let's just call him Goldilocks, shall we? It's quite slouchy and cute on my head though...

Since it is Sunday, and I have finally found my way back here, I thought it'd be nice to share some gratitude this morning...

- for the bright blue sky, today
- for my cold finally receding
- for having Kai home three weekends in a row and all to myself
- for strawberries for breakfast
- for my sitting practice, one successful week so far
- and of course for this incredible blog-o-sphere community, and all your kind words and actions. I am so grateful for all of you.


  1. do i recognize that spider plant??

    1. Yes you do! We just replanted it with fresh healthy dirt in a bigger new home and he is very happy. Look at that pup! It's the first baby.