afternoon treats

I am enjoying my third cup of tea today from the lovely Anu. I especially love this one, with the beautiful blue flowers. They open up in the heat, giving up all of their color in the hot water. They leave just little ghosts of their former selves in the strainer. Thank you so much, Anu.

And these, oh, these.  Have you ever put grapes in the freezer? I can't scientifically confirm this, but I've been told that something chemical happens to the fructose inside of them when they freeze. I can confirm that they are insanely delicious. As in, better than a regular grape has ever been. Ever. I promise. I'm blogging about them, that's how good they are.

It's another quiet night, tonight. Kai is out late. The radiator is hissing. I am thoroughly enjoying the delicate balance of drinking from a steaming cup and melting a frozen fruit on my tongue. I had a middle school teacher who claimed that she cracked four of her teeth by eating a popsicle and drinking something hot (tea? coffee? with a popsicle?) at the same time. The story is dubious, but I've never forgotten it, and it makes me careful all the same.

I haven't been working. I've been blogging, and sometimes knitting, and sometimes blogging about knitting, but I haven't been working.  I still need to share with you some of the quilts I've actually completed, as I keep just showing you hints of the others now in progress. But the light dies faster everyday, and I have been reading, and cooking, and. And. And. These are the things we have to accept about ourselves; I know it. Sometime we are "productive," sometimes we are nose to the grindstone. And sometimes we're not. It seems guilt is no effective motivator for those times we are not, so let's not waste time on guilt. If I am repeating myself, it's only because I am still trying to learn this fact. Repetition helps.

In the meantime, cold fruit with hot tea is a very nice way to waste some time.


  1. Lovely post, I can feel through your words I'm there enjoying that afternoon increasingly darker

  2. Liz in Missouri USAOctober 3, 2013 at 8:37 AM

    I think it all just sounds wonderful!

  3. It is lovely to hear that you have been enjoying yourself. We need these kind of moments.
    I am very happy to hear that you liked the tea!!
    Thank you also for your comment in my blog. You are so sweet. I have been enjoying teas you have sent and have been thinking about you while drinking my cup. It is so unreal to think that you are there, far far away from my country and I am here far far away from your's. And we have had this opportunity to connect with each other.