something new

I sat down to write and I began to say, I have been so busy, I have been away too long, I have missed all of you, work is very bothersome these days... and I realize, this is what I write every time. Or maybe if I don't write it every post, I certainly think it, start to write it, maybe erase some. Or maybe leave it in. Too often, I leave it in. Too often it is what I'm thinking about.

So today I want to start fresh. I want to leave the busy, dissatisfied feeling behind when I come here. When I can make time, I will not waste it thinking about how I haven't made enough time, often enough times, etc etc. When I come here I will try to be more present, and to meditate on what this place is really for.

So what is this place really for? It seems complex, but also very simple. To have an outlet. To help narrow my focus to think about making, about process. To share. To find inspiration. To meet all of you, and see your beautiful projects and processes and read your words and feel connected to other people who also value the things I love - the slow, the handmade, the imperfect, the natural. I have "met" so many of you, some more fully than others, and having this experience has truly enriched my life. I am excited, now, as I realize connections... when I see those I admire all interacting with each other, across countries and oceans. To see you send each other not just words of encouragement but real letters, boxes, gifts, purchases. It seems once you find one of us lovers of slow, handmade things, you are bound to find others. This encourages me to no end.

I think it is peculiar, the way the internet has created this positive space for me. In my daily life I have long considered so much of modern technology to be antithetical to my value system. I feel strongly that the instant gratification of our lives, culture, and technology has influenced us in many negative ways. And yet, in my dream of a quieter life - a dream of simple, heartfelt, tangible work; of a simple, small, homemade and waste-free home; of a slow and present life - it has been these connections and inspirations from the internet that help keep me focused and hopeful. I am not "present" much on the internet - I do not have facebook, or twitter, or instagram, or any of these things - but I am here, and here holds an incredible amount of importance for me.

And in my pursuit of this dream, this dream of simplicity, I know the internet will eventually be even more powerful. Though I have shared this with some of you, I realized I have never talked openly here about my plans to someday sell my own work. It is a dream, and still in the dream stages... but it does drive me, and each of you who host a little online shop inspire and encourage me always. I will write more about this later, as I have things to share and also questions to ask you.

Thank you, as always, for being here.


  1. Yes, that will be another amen from me too. x

  2. Lovely thoughtful post. Daily blogging on living simply for three and a half years now has been my means to achieving simplicity. It has helped me think through my attitudes to lots of modern day issues, and funnily enough for such a super fast medium, it has helped me slow down! Posts such as yours add to the effect - thank you em.

  3. I have come to your blog, Elizabeth, via Annie at Knitsofacto.Annie has been experiencing these feelings herself, and many times throughout my life (I'm maturer in years than either of you I think, and it continues to present itself to me, this feeling of sea-change) I think it is natural, a normal phase in our lives' journeys, which will return again and again. It's good, if unsettling. It means we are ALIVE! And that we continue to GROW! A lovely post, and blog.

  4. This is a post to ponder upon - I often think about giving up blogging as it seems to take up so much of my time, time when I could be doing something useful - but then when I do have blogging breaks I miss it and the interesting people I have connected with. I feel there must be a balance somewhere along the way I just need to find it.