gratitude sunday

Photo by Kai

There are a host of bloggers who I admire who participate in something called Gratitude Sunday. I was introduced to the idea by the beautiful Vibeke, and was reminded of it again this morning by this sweet post of Anu's. I wanted to take some time this morning to participate in this moment of gratitude. Today I'm thankful for very simple things.

For my day today, and the blue sky even in my typically cloudy neighborhood.

For my health, and for the strength of some friends who are working hard to get back to health.

For my incredible, supportive husband, who encourages me every day to pursue the life I want. He keeps me on track.

Also today I am thankful for fresh peaches for breakfast, from my mother in law's yard. And for waking up a little early, to sit and talk with Kai before he goes to work. Also for the callouses forming on my fingers from a weekend's worth of quilting.  Oh sashiko needle, we meet again - it's been too long.

Have a wonderful Sunday, all of you.


  1. your words Always stay with me for awhile
    like your last post
    and now this
    let's not forget the 'simple' things

    have a fine week!
    Patrice A.

  2. Thank you so much for your words Elizabeth and for leaving so lovely comments to my blog. It has been a joy to read those. I enjoyed reading your gratitude list as well and started to dream about something really tasty for breakfast tomorrow. Your breakfast sounded heavenly.
    and THANK YOU so much for that parcel you sent to me!! It arrived! The variety is so wonderful and I can' t wait to taste everything. The teas you sent are so luxurious. I have never tasted white tea with melon and peach. It is going to be my friday night treat this evening. That mighty leaf brand is something we do not have here in Finland so it is nice to taste something totally new to me. And this white tea and those other teas and chocolate make me want to drink tea all evening long :) Onece again thank you very much. You made my evening dear Elizabeth.
    I apologize how long you have to wait for your teas. I only got to send those on Monday this week. Last week I had this opportunity to pop in one of my favourite tea shops in the city so that is why it took so long. I wanted to buy something from there to you.
    Happy week end and a big hug from rainy Finland. There isn't anything so lovely than listening to the rain and drinking tea with chocolate....I am going to enjoy :)