friday foto fun day

It is Friday, somehow. And Friday is ending. Didn't I just say that about Monday?

I have been working pretty steadily, friends. Embracing my snail's pace, but focusing on that "and steady" part. I have plans to get a nice long post together to show you what I've been up to. My dye pot has been taking up space on the stovetop for two weeks, and I love what's been coming out of it.

Did you know my beautiful husband has a blog? He does, and it's lovely, and you should visit there sometime. All the above photos are his. He sometimes gets to go out on fabulous adventures when I am too busy to join him. And he is far, far more talented with a camera than I.

I have been greatly inspired by this post, recently. As well as this one. Jillian's blog is breathtaking, if you haven't visited before. For awhile, it was hard for me to read her blog - remember my complaint about deep dark jealously? Yeah. But these encouragements that she shares, sometimes they just resound in me. Go out empty. Return full. What a great mantra to enter a weekend with, yes?

So tonight when I came home a little empty, a little cranky, we ate a good dinner and shared a good beer, and headed out for a walk. To do as Jillian said - to go out empty, and return full.

Have a lovely weekend, all of you. Go fill yourselves up.

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