sometimes a runner

There are not enough hours in the day, I think we all know that. Though I will admit a part of that problem is just how many things I really actively enjoy, and how time consuming they all seem to be.

For example, back in the good old days, I considered myself a runner. I have fallen off and climbed back aboard that wagon a few times. Last fall I paid the entrance fee to a race just a week or two after my wedding, and though I did train (somehow, either despite or because of wedding drama), I managed to fall into such a complacent good mood after it was all over that I just forgot to show up to my race. Let's consider it a $100 donation to a good cause.

And now that autumn is barreling down on us again that same race is picking at me a little bit - call it unfinished business. So, while I'm not yet committed, I am trying to fit long distance training into the schedule again. You know, with work and cooking and sewing and knitting and dyeing and planning quilts and quilting quilts and all those other good, time-intensive things. Oh! And blogging.

I've said it before, I'll say it again, I am easily distracted. But the studio is getting use, and as I'm coming down the home stretch of binding one quilt, another is already being basted on that nice wide open stretch of floor. Photographs need to happen, and soon, so I can show you what's been going on over here.

In the meantime, another puzzle piece in my many distractions, I am making myself some bike-riding gloves, in Candlewick by Madelinetosh. Because why not add another thing to the pile.


  1. I also I have many distractions, I would be more organized and have routines but I can't for example I should be studying now...

  2. Distractions are good ... they mean life is full!

    I love the colour of your yarn :)