four city tour

Darlings, I have been traveling. It has been a complete whirlwind, utterly exhausting and oh, so much fun.

Since moving to California three years ago, we have not been back to the East coast for a proper visit. So finally by plane, train, and automobile, we did a four city tour to catch up on the lives of some dear ones. There was a wedding, a new baby, a birthday, dinners and parties. To say we are tired is an understatement - we need a vacation! - but it was wonderful, and I am sad that it's over.

The pictures are a hodgepodge, but I was too busy enjoying the fantastic company to focus my camera on anything other than their sweet faces. (Personally, I don't like to put other people's picture on public display, I prefer to let them post and publish what they will.) So here is a collage of things, of moments in Boston, Providence, New York and rural Pennsylvania.

Dear friends' weddings are a wonderful reminder of your own. I hope that always stays true. It was emotional in all the best ways. We laughed, cried, made champagne toasts, ate too much, drank too much, slept too little. Everything overflowing with happiness.

(Also, dogs. How do so many of my East Coast friends have a dog? Someday we will have a dog. Someday.)

It was so good to be back in these places. Back with these people. Our people. We are so incredibly blessed to be friends with so many lovely, talented, passionate people. People who find a way to do what they love, despite the barriers society puts in our way. People who are still making art, making work, making babies, making homes, fighting the good fight of finding happiness. Building and enjoying their beautiful lives. I have come home inspired and grateful and refreshed.

And also nostalgic.  So very nostalgic. I miss you, New England, in your stuffy old beauty. Providence, in all your tiny, proudly weird awesomeness. And New York. New York, my first home away from home. The longest I have lived anywhere since I was eighteen. You are so perfect in all your giant, hot humid summer mess, New York, and I will always love you.

Traveling is good for the soul. K and I have been fortunate enough to test our travel compatibility by fire, and come out stronger each time. It is one of the innumerable things I love so much about us as partners: we are excellent travel companions. Four cities in ten days proved no exception.

And last but not least, on to my childhood home where my parents still live. Almost magically refreshing in contrast to our San Francisco "summer." Hot, wet, dramatically stormy but then moments later, scorching sun. Raucous birds. One very fat cat and many, many visitors. It was good.

And now we are home, and I have written you this wandering, thesis-less musing. It was so good to be gone. It is good to be back.

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