I haven't shared any ceramics here in awhile, and there is a little backlog of things I haven't shown you yet. I tried my hand at a candle holder; tall beeswax tapers have been topping my wishlist for quite some time, I know just the ones. Whether or not this is the right holder for them - the jury is still out. The colors are nice, but the shape I want to improve on. Not bad for a first try, though.

And then there are these two persimmon and gold dishes, finishing up my recycled clay. They are low bowls, very different from my last set. They are rather pretty, but are destined for a new home and will not stay here with us much longer...

I've decided to take a hiatus from my ceramics class this summer. Three months break. I will miss it a great deal, I already do, but there are several reasons why I know it is the right decision for now. Come September, though, I will be back up to my elbows in mud. No question.

Everything is part of a process. The process. Every thing has its place, its time. I am repeating this to myself, and learning to make peace with the idea that I just don't work as fast as I wish I did. Things happen slowly, or not at all for awhile, and then again in waves. It has proven true that if I beat myself up about the pace - or lack thereof - I tend to give up altogether.  (See this post, obviously.)

When I first began tinkering around this little corner of the internet, I had grand dreams of posting several times a week, of showing finished projects regularly, of using it as a real driving force. It did not take long for that self-imposed pressure to make me not feel much like working at all. We are our own worst enemies sometimes, aren't we?

But I am trying to change my attitude. Inspired a great deal by many of you - especially the lovely V, of abutterflyinmyhair - I am trying to permit myself to slow down a little. Enjoy things - most things, every thing - instead of viewing things as "unproductive." I'm learning to appreciate a night where all I do is cook dinner, drink a beer and fall into bed, instead of beat myself up over uncut fabric or unstitched stitches. Eating dinner with a loved one, enjoying good food, making each other laugh, getting to bed early - why disparage that as a imperfect night? It sounds, actually, quite perfect.

I finally crossed that "long weekend run" off the list, and discovered a beautiful new place not far from us. We snuck out there the other night to watch the hang gliders jump off the cliff - a great way to improve a foul mood, I have to say.

Everything is part of the process.


  1. hello you!
    i recognize all you write
    yes, we are our own worst enemies
    and times flies but
    when i pay attention
    real attention to what i do it slows down
    and i enjoy it all more
    besides that i like your low bowls
    but am still in love with the last set with the speckles
    and truly hope you will have a shop
    some day ;^))))

    wishing you a fine weekend!

    1. Thank you Patrice, it is so nice to have these compliments from you. And yes, I also truly hope some day to have a little shop...

  2. Those low bowls are beautiful! I love the colors! I, for one, am so glad you are writing here. You are very wise and I always learn from you. Reading your posts make me feel calm and happy. I'm so glad you're my family.

  3. I don't comment often enough here, so this is just to let you know I'm still reading, and that I recognise the rhythms of your life, I think they're echoed in the lives of all of us who create. Oh, and that your bowls are quite literally breathtaking!