peerless pressure

The weeks are absolutely flying by.

I have a bad habit of loading up my to-do list and simultaneously starting new projects. I am always on to something new, with so many things left unfinished. Then as the days slip away and the list grows, but never shrinks, I can fall into a kind of despair about my commitment, or my motivation, or my passion or dedication or time management or any number or things that essentially mean:

I'm just not cutting it.

This feeling only worsens the situation, as I am not one of those people who see their failings and force myself into action. Instead I tend to hide - tiptoeing around those waiting squares of fabric taking up the middle of my apartment, picking things up only to shamefully move them aside, not to actually work on them.

In an attempt to motivate myself, when I began this blog post (on Thursday, see how behind I am?) I started actually writing down some of the things that are eating at me. I managed to cross at least a few of them off.  It's the start of a new week, so my hope is that finally publishing this list will serve as some much needed encouragement.

Write a letter to Sam
Mail a letter to Sam
Write a letter to V
Mail a letter to V
Find a summer dress for L&A's wedding
Schedule / complete a ceramic make-up class
Research zippers for the pillows
Finish my current book (Jean Giono, Joy of Man's Desiring)
Cut and sew panels for second 8-point star quilt top (I will get pictures soon, I swear)
Design measurements for next 4-panel quilt top
Make bread
Make hummus
Eat bread and hummus
Weekend beach run
Create NYC schedule and email those three lovely ladies
Take photos of projects for the blog
Visit Imagiknit to wind yarn and somehow NOT BUY ANYTHING

The thing is, I actually am enticed by many of these projects. I am dying to be done with my first run of pillows. The eight point star quilts that I have mapped out - partially in my mind, partially on my living room floor - are particularly exciting because they are using my first batch of self-dyed fabric. I can't wait to see them completed. I just have trouble actually completing them.

Does this happen to you? Do you find yourself intimidated by partially-completed things? Is the beginning so much less intimidating than the completing for any of you, too?

Here's to the hopes of a productive week. And on a happy note, some photos of all the beautiful rainbow-colored food spring and summer are starting to offer us. Even if I'm not making anything crafty, at least I am always making dinner.


  1. Oh yes.
    And, I have the added problem of suddenly not wanting to do anything on my to do list, the minute I have committed it to paper. So, if I've any chance of getting things done, I have to remember them... crazy.

    1. I am the same! I love making lists, and also love leaving them to their own devices shortly after completing them. Or knowing that if I wait long enough before looking at that list again, many of those things won't be relevant anymore... oh what crazy creatures we are.

  2. Oh yes! I have several critical things on my to do list that other people ARE WAITING FOR and I'm happily swatching for something new. Sheesh!

    One tip tho', write down all the other things you have completed (like making dinner) and then cross them off. Now. See how productive you really are?

    1. I took a Time Management class once, and the instructor asked us all if we liked making lists, especially if we include things on our list that we've already done just for the pleasure of crossing them off. Of course we all agreed that we did - and then he called us all crazy!! ha.

      I see his point, of course, but we can't fight our nature all the time... it does feel absolutely wonderful to put a line through a do-to item, even a small one! =D

  3. can so relate! hopping from one thing to another...starting a bunch....losing the love on each---only to find it again sometime--often later rather than sooner! sometimes i envy those folks who can be monogamous with their projects, but then think about all the fun they are missing out on! :)

    1. I never thought about such a phrase: "monogamous with their projects" - this is definitely not me! And you are right, I would miss out too much. It seems I simply cannot work on just one thing at once! But I'm glad to see I'm in good company :)

  4. your pictures are gorgeous,especially those rooty ones