house, stuffing, stuff in the house

I'm still here! I have been busy. And sadly as summer approaches the fog grows stronger and stronger, and I'm having a hard time getting decent photographs by the time I get home in the evening. I have not forgotten all the things I need to show you, I just need more sunlight to do so.

But no, that's not SF fog - it's stuffing. I finally made a decision, and a very large box recently arrived at our very little apartment. It's wonderful. It's so incredibly fluffy. It feels like silk. It even smells good. I'm completely happy with it. Now if only more storage space could magically materialize in here as well...

Speaking of the apartment, and storage, and space: thanks to the super human powers and impeccable taste of Anna and Daniel, I have finally decided to take the plunge and revamp our teeny tiny home into a more usable and beautiful space. Renting be damned. We will sell that couch. We will build that platform bed. I will invest in a jaw-dropping staghorn fern and by god, when I shower in that bathroom it will be a tropical paradise.

But even more important than all that, I have long wanted to invest more of myself in my work. And for that, I need more of a designated space. Renting a studio space, or even a two bedroom apartment is out of the question for us right now. Currently my work area comprises the "living room" of our apartment, where my messes have been decidedly in the way. So we are going to try shifting our bedroom / living room situation around. Right now, the room between our bedroom and kitchen holds that very large couch, our bicycles, a bookshelf and flat file - all covered in my projects in various stages of (in)completion. We pass through this space many times a day, but otherwise it doesn't serve much of a "living" function, as the couch is really only sat on by the occasional, rare guest. So we've decided to try making our bed do double-duty, and act both as a sleeping space and a seating arrangement for an occasional gathering. I'm dreaming of something minimal, low, wood, and Japanese-inspired. Then, our now-bedroom can become: THE STUDIO.

I make these statements publicly by means of a way to shame myself later if I haven't succeeded. I won't promise you before and after shots, but at least the backdrops to my photos might improve. In fact the current setup makes it very hard for me to take anything close to a good-looking photograph for you folks; my quilt scraps cover every surface - and our house is no design haven. If we can only build this bed I'm dreaming of and invest in decent replacements for the world's grossest plastic shades, we may even have a decent backdrop for photos of finished quilts and pillows. I am getting ahead of myself. But a girl needs to have goals.

(I know this is a rather visually boring post, but I gave you doorsixteen and manhattan-nest! Trust me there are beautiful things to look at over there. You're welcome.)

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  1. I hear you! I have just carved out a tiny studio space for me here and have no before shots, but after shots there will be, if only, as you say, because it will become the back drop to my photographs.

    Here's hoping your revamp goes more smoothly than ours did :)