pillow talk

Dear friends.

I am very excited to show you these pictures, even though they don't speak much (yet) to the final design. But I have been itching to use these materials together for quite some time. I think you will like the results.

Isn't that linen incredibly beautiful? I told you so.

I am currently working on a small run of pillows, with sashiko top stitching. Either buckwheat or kapok stuffing, as I haven't decided yet which I prefer. Does anyone have feedback they'd like to share on this? I am all ears.

Things have been slow moving, recently. They come in spits and bursts. For two weeks I was churning, working, piecing, sewing, photographing - these last two, illnesses aside, I have been dragging. I have so much excitement, and so many ideas. But honestly, at 5pm, I am often very tired. I let cooking take too long. I go to bed early. These are not complaints as much as confessions. I want to make, I want to makemakemake all the time. But I am not always a great self-motivator. And if I want what I want, if I have so many ideas and daydreams, this needs to change. Self-motivation is key.

I have a little personal mantra, "Always be working on your work." I have a piece in the works about this, too. Call me a compulsive multi-tasker.

Life is short, my friends. We must not wait, we must do what we love and love what we do.

(See! Ta-da. Self-motivation.)


  1. Yup.
    Absolutely true!
    Life IS short - live your dreams!!
    (this is what I tell myself too)
    beautiful textiles - excited to see the end results.

  2. Hi sweet girl. Yes, the linen is beautiful! I can't wait to see what it becomes.


    1. Thanks Kendra :) I am working on something for you, too, of course, but shhhhhhhhhh it's a secret...

  3. I've just found your blog - it's delightful! There's always a moment of adjustment for readers from England when we read 'pillows' and see what we call cushions! Pillows to us, are strictly those you snuggle down into on the bed... Cushions are those heaped on chairs, sofas, the floor... Do you call your bed pillows, 'cushions', I wonder?

    1. Hi Anna - thanks for reading! It's true that we could call these things cushions, too. We also sometimes say "throw pillows" but I have no idea why - because you just "throw" them on the couch? As for bed pillows, they are always strictly just "pillows". At least as far as I know ;)

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