ghost hunting

I have a dirty little affair going on with the Pacific Northwest.

To be honest, our chemistry is more like a slow burn; not a hot-and-heavy romance.  Northern California is nothing if not cold-shouldered, unpredictable, petulant, moody. At first I found these moods off-putting, frustrating, wildly incongruent to my expectations.  I spent a year mostly sulking, somewhat avoiding her.

It was not love at first sight.

But. She is infectious, Northern California.  She gets under your skin.

And now.  It's love.

I mean, how could one resist? What a lady of mystery, what a wild and unruly place. Just look at that fog, those cliffs, those little white ghosties all marching in a line. Be dark and stormy all you want, California. I love you anyway.

Despite the look of these photos, it has been outrageously sunny and beautiful here the last week or so. I must admit I have been keeping these from you. But I was hoping to do more posting about progress. On the project front, that is. Sadly, much to the dissatisfaction of the me from last post, that past me, the current me is not keeping her promises. I have no new enticing textile photos to share with you. Shameful.

Instead, I've:

1.) started a new knitting project (with two works-in-progress still on needles)

2.) neglected returning emails (I haven't forgotten you! I promise!)

3.) and the winner, I cut quilt top pieces incorrectly multiple times last night before giving up. Such is the danger of making up your own proportions for quilting - there is a lot of math involved. And I actually like math. But hypotenuses + seam proportions = not late night friendly.

What can I say? Apparently I am easily distracted and a slacker.

Blame it on my beautiful surroundings.


  1. beauty is truly worth being distracted by...i am happy to hear that you take the time to enjoy it! like you say: life is short, so i think your prioritizing are perfect : ))) i will "follow" your example today : ))

    those materials in the previous post are beautiful too. THAT linen...oh myyyyy....i LOVE it. and as i guess you know i am crazy about that yellow/mustard color (wearing my yellow/mustard cardi today).


  2. oh, dear! only 3 works in progress???? What restraint!!! Such beautiful surroundings! Thanks for sharing! (Our only trip to the Pacific NW had me jumping over giant slugs!!! on our little forays into the forest.)

  3. Stunning photographs Elizabeth. And I agree with Steph, three knitting projects in progress is most restrained!

  4. I'm so glad to hear you've become infatuated with California. I am, too. I love it here and can't imagine living anywhere else. Cali makes me very happy. And so do your beautiful photos. thanks!